WordPress 101: What You Need to Know Before Launching Your Blog

Every day, thousands of new blogs flood into the internet space. The competition for audience is so fierce and only those who stand out will be able to succeed. That is why you need to do your homework properly before launching a new WordPress site. In order to launch a successful blog of WordPress, below are some checklists you need to do.

Have a focus for your blog

It is hard to succeed with you WordPress blog if you don’t have a direction for your blog yet. Put down the goal of the blog, what you hope to achieve, and the factors that will determine your succeed.  What is the target audience of your blog? And how do you hope to reach them. Do you plan on monetizing the blog? When you have a direction for your blog, it will help you map out strategies that will fit into the goals and objectives of the blog.

Brainstorm your niche

You can choose a particular niche where you want to create your blog. Remember that it will be more difficult to make your mark with a generic niche. You have to select a topic where you can have audience without much competition. As a new blog in a saturated niche, the competition may suffocate you and hinder your blog’s growth. Unless you have a special idea that is rare among other types of blogs, you will be better off establishing your blog in a specific niche without so much competition.

The best way to have a successful niche launch is to concentrate on what you know. Brainstorm topics you are quite familiar with and go from there. Carry out your research on each of the topics and select one with audience and little competition.

Select the right domain name

Select a unique address for your blog. Try to select something catchy that is not too long to remember. This is a very important aspect of you blog launch. Be careful when selecting a domain name because it will be the address where search engines and your visitors will reach you. Obviously, dot.com is a popular extension. You can add other extensions to your address to completely secure that address.

Choose a reputable web host

The success of your blog does not depend only on your efforts. There are other external factors that will contribute too. You can control these external efforts to an extent if you select the right providers. Select the right provider with strong support, reputation, scalability, and reliability. Afterwards, install WordPress on your blog.

Personalize your site and use the right theme

Your blog topic will decide how you customize it. In other words, the theme of your blog should reflect the blog’s topic. There are so many resources you can choose from when it comes to personalizing your site. From the array of options that WordPress provides, you can select the right theme that fits into your niche.

Finally, do not forget to use the right plug-in. These will determine how well your blog performs in terms of speed and performance. So, select the right plugins for your site.

WordPress is Now Everywhere!

As you can tell from everything we covered in this article, if you aren’t using WordPress to power your site, you are missing out big time. To learn more about WordPress and how to start a site of your own, be sure to read this full Mashable article.

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