Why Use a Window Intercom System for your Business?

If you have a business which requires a certain degree of protection from the public or a separation of two areas without compromising the ability to communicate, then a window intercom system is the perfect solution for you.

These circumstances may seem specific and unlikely to occur together in your business, but they are actually much, much more common than you’d think – everything from banks to post offices, factories and workshops to consultancies, receptions, healthcare clinics and hospitals, IT centres and any business handling valuable or expensive items can benefit from a window intercom system – for the following reasons:

Window Intercom Systems provide much more security

Modern reinforced glass or acrylic can make an almost indestructible barrier between your staff or valuables and possible threats coming from outside. With such a barrier in place, banks are protected from traditional “smash and grab” attacks, post offices resist any potential tampering with their parcels, and laboratories and clean rooms guarantee no cross-contamination between areas.

In these situations, the weak link is the communication system – a slot or window will create the risk of contamination or compromise security, and popping out for a chat is even riskier.

With a window intercom system like a melaphone, it’s possible to speak clearly and effectively, without any electronics or breakable parts, and with more than enough protection to make sure your staff and valuables remain safe.

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Melaphones provide unrivalled communication ability

A window intercom system like a melaphone is the ideal solution for communications between enclosed areas –since it has no electronic components, like a traditional window intercom system, and no moving parts, it is next to impossible to break, does not suffer from wear and requires no maintenance. This makes it a great long-lasting communications solution, and the ability to clearly hear the voice on the other side of the glass increases workplace efficiency, decreases the likelihood of a misunderstanding or accident, and creates a more clear, concise environment in the workplace.

In addition to making the conversation between your staff and the public – or staff from different sides of the glass – easier, the transparent nature of a window also means that the window communication system allows complete use of facial expressions, body language and gestures, creating a more holistic communications experience.

Well, I’m convinced: so how can I get one?

If you want to avail of any or all of these advantages for your business, our you would simply like to install a window intercom system and see what happens,you can do so by finding a specialist supplier of melaphones, and none of these can match Melaphone, the UK’s foremost supplier of window intercom systems.

To get in touch, you can call Melaphone any time on +441359233191 or use the contact form on their website, linked above. The experts on the other end of the line will be happy to help you find a solution which suits your needs and provides the best results.

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