What you Can Expect When You Import Your Stuff From the US to Canada

If you have ever moved from one state in America to another, it was probably pretty easy; aside from the labor, of course.  Trying to move from the United States to Canada, however, is a little more complex, though it might not feel that way. Sure, the cultures and languages—and even many laws—will be similar, but they are definitely different countries.


But while the process of moving from the United States to Canada is, indeed, more complex than moving between two states of the Union, it does not have to be a painful one.  Yes, there is more paperwork and planning involved but if you stay ahead of the game, you can manage it with little stress.

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And in no way is this more apparent than if you are trying to move your vehicle from the US to Canada with you.  Most goods can be transported across this international border with very little hullabaloo but your car will take a little more time and effort.  You see, the United States and Canada have different regulations for operating motor vehicles on the road (and its more than just the different between mph and km/h on the speed limit signs).


Now, to make this process easier, you can always enlist the services of a customs consultant or customs agency. They will assist you with the process, which might include:

  • The preparation of your vehicle customs release
  • The submission of your automotive export control form
  • The payment of all related Canadian customs taxes and duties
  • The efficient coordination of your border crossing activity
  • The completion of all related customs accounting documents
  • The provision of an agent when it comes time to cross the border
  • The filling of your Clearit itn requests


Just looking at these steps might seem daunting but its really not that much when you consider everything that is involved. And when you enlist a customs brokerage agent to help you, the process will be quite smooth. After all, the successful completion of this process ensures:

  • You have paid any and all appropriate fees and taxes associated with your vehicle operation and maintenance (modifications)
  • Proper inspection and modification to meet operation regulations on Canadian roads

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