What is Royal Mail Mailmark?



Mailmark is the newest form of franking service available from the Royal Mail.

For use with the newest model franking machines, development has taken away the old crown and die image and replaced it with a two dimensional readable barcode which makes the post easier to process.

The facility to track mail is a benefit which Mailmark should be able to deliver in the future and touchscreens and integrated scales are just two current features which offer customers more than a standard franking machine.

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The Mailmark compatible franking machines will eventually see all other models retired in favour of the new technology. If you have an older model, there’s no urgency to change your franking machine but it is advisable so that you are working at the highest productivity and lowest expenditure.

The Royal Mail’s Mailmark franking options promise to be their lowest franking prices so a customer may be costing themselves money by not making an upgrade to their franking machine facilities.  It depends greatly on usage as to whether a change appears to be more quickly needed or if time can be taken before the franking machine is replaced.

Mailmark saves customers time. The technology allows quick access to Royal Mail products and the modern sleek appearance of the franking looks impressive. The intelligent technology will be able to incorporate new products and every customer should enjoy better reporting tools and simple swift access to tariff information.

Using Mailmark ensures that customers pay the correct postage for items and that pricing information including changes will be visible. Overall, the system delivers accuracy that the older designs and technology could not. Mailmark has facilities which non-subscribers cannot access.

Franking can be used on the following kinds of post:

  • UK Guaranteed. Delivery by 1pm. Weights up to 10kg
  • Special delivery by 1pm including Saturday guarantee. Weights up to 10kg.
  • Special delivery by 9am. Weights up to 2kg.
  • Special delivery by 9am including Saturday guarantee. Weights up to 2kg.
  • UK Confirmed post. Sign for delivery service. Weights up to 20kg.
  • Standard postage. First and second class mail. Weights up to 20kg.
  • Parcelforce. Weights up to 30kg.
  • Parcelforce over 30kg has additional charges.

Most of these services offer compensation should the item be lost or damaged.

Companies like the Aldermaston based IMS Franking Machines have a selection of options which should meet any customer’s requirements taking in to account their budget and usage levels.

Franking machines are easy to master, once trained there should be little difficulty in setting the machine to whatever size, weight and tariff that is needed. Versatility, efficiency, technology and professional experts make the leap from standard stamp postage to franking or the less technologically advanced franking machines to Mailmark franking machines simple so there’s nothing to worry about. You can absorb the change in to any busy work day and environment.  

Here’s Royal Mail’s own opinion of their Mailmark franking machines service:

MailM-modern A-affordable R-responsive K– knowledge.

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