What are the Advantages of Die Cast Metal for Business?

Die cast metal is the material of choice for a range of modern components and items, from simple paperweights to extremely complex jet engine components and spacecraft parts. Across a huge range of industries and needs, this production type provides the components needed – but what makes die cast metal such a popular choice across so many industries?

The advantages of die cast metal for business and industry are numerous, and include game-changers such as:

Rapid Production Times

Most of the time and expense involved in die cast metal is in preparing the dies in the first place – once the steel mould has been machined and finished, the actual casting process is relatively quick and easy. Gravity die casting needs only the dies and something to pour the molten metal, relying on gravity to draw the metal down into the mould, and it is a relatively speedy way to cast multiple identical items – but pressure die casting, which requires complex machinery to inject molten metal into the dies under high pressure, is even faster, with automated ejection systems for the cast part and complex water-cooling systems to allow frequent, high-speed use.

This makes die cast metal an ideal material for businesses which have a medium- to high-turnout rate, as its speed makes it easy to create the large numbers of components required.

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Casting large numbers of components from the same mould has the advantage of producing identical pieces. In addition, die cast metal has much more material uniformity than metal made in other ways, making it ideal for situations where the material’s properties will be tested or relied upon in a high-stress situation. Where consistency is key, like in automotive engine components, the aerospace industry or other mechanically strenuous applications, the consistent materials and dimensions created by die cast metal are ideal.

Low Per-Item Cost

As mentioned above, the most cost-intensive part of any casting process is the production of the mould – once that has been completed, the actual castings themselves are not much more expensive than the materials required to produce them.

This makes die casting an excellent choice for large runs of many identical items, but decreases its cost-effectiveness drastically at lower quantities, as each item bears a larger proportion of the die cost. When mass-producing components, die casting is ideal and inexpensive.

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