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Bigwaves is created with the big mission: Solving the current financial payment problem in four areas: banking, foreign exchange, stock market and financial services. Bigwaves inherits all the strengths of crypto market with the latest advanced technology, which make Bigwaves to be the most powerful and advanced cryotocurrency – a potential cryptocurrency in the future.

With 4 superior advantages: Technology, Leadership team, Diversified ecosystem, Global community – Bigwaves is a powerful platform to grow economy and financial performance in the future.

We are excited to announce that Bigwaves has opened a new business category – Mining coin. That’s good news for our development in the long term. Bigwaves’s Mining system is running very well and the bonus coin will be paid for investor by XVG – which is being mined with highest capacity.

BigWaves focuses on top 100 cryptocurrency. Along with XVG, we are mining DigiByte, Bytecoin, Electroneum& other cryptocurrencies. All of them are potential coin for big development in near future. The company strategy will be a big surprise in the long term with the big profit for investors.

All these strategy has been strongly supported by our community!
Don’t miss your opportunity! www.bigwaves.co

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