Top Guest Blogging Rules to Follow

In very simple terms, guest blogging is defined as the practice of publishing content on other blogs and websites and is a common tool used for digital marketing purposes. It also works in favor of search engine optimization (SEO) because you can add a link to your own website or blog, which has a positive impact on your rankings in the search engine. However, there are lots of websites that don’t see results when they use this tool. This is mostly because they are only doing this for a link. Instead of this purpose, their aim should be to add value and educate their target audience.

There are some simple rules that need to be followed when you decide to use guest blogging for your digital marketing and SEO efforts. What are they? The top ones are mentioned below:

Only guest blog for relevant and trustworthy websites

On the surface, it is recommended that you should find blogs and websites that are user-friendly and have a ton of useful content already on them. But, that’s not all. You also need to take a closer look before you submit a guest post such as checking the website’s performance in terms of links, traffic and visibility. Apart from these metrics, it is also essential to ensure the website you are going to blog as a guest is related to your industry or niche because this makes them relevant and enables you to reach your target audience.

Only opt for websites that have curated content

Similar to adding listings to online directories, you should also guest blog on platforms that are moderated by humans. It is a big red flag if you are able to upload content on websites with no questions asked. Only opt for websites where you know content is carefully reviewed before being published because they want to ensure the quality. Also, check for contact details listed clearly because this serves as an indicator of a business’s legitimacy.

Don’t overuse anchor text

It is not a good idea to use matching keywords as your anchor text for every link that you get from a guest post. Yes, it is true that rankings are directly influenced by anchor text, it is advised to maintain a varied yet natural text profile in the case of external links.

Avoid overstuffing keywords and remember your audience

There was a time when all you had to do was just stuff your post with your keywords and you could get the desired rankings. SEO has come a long way since then and overstuffing nowadays can backfire on you. Bear in mind that you are writing for people and not search engine crawlers, which means that you need to provide useful and valuable information to your readers. If you follow this rule, Google and other search engines will not regard your content as unnatural or written for dodging their guidelines

As long as you stick to these rules, you will be able to achieve your guest blogging goals.

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