Top 5 Gas powered Grills for under $500

The 4th of July is only just around the corner, and we all know what that means. Fireworks, Cookouts, and America! Cooking up some good old American dogs and hamburgers, while watching explosions are what make this country great every year. But with so many expensive grills out there, how on earth are you supposed to buy a grill worth cooking our Independence day feast on? Well don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 gas-powered Grills for under $500.

5: Cadac Stratos 3-Burner

This little grill may be small and light, but it’s got a lot of Power to it. Produced by the South African company, Cadac, the Stratos is priced only at $359.99. It has a very strong heat output for its size due to its cast iron cooking grates, cooking just as strong as grills twice its price. Its lightweight design makes it easy for transportation and storage, without sacrificing its power.

4: Dyna-Glo Smart Space Living 2-Burner

The smallest Grill we have on this list, the Smart Space is also the most affordable. At a meager $299, the smart space is the strongest competitor in its price range. If you’re not looking for a traditional full-sized grill, but want something that will get the job done, you can count on the Smart Space. Though small it cooks extremely evenly, without any surprise heat pockets. If you’re looking for a basic grill that you can count on, then the Dyna-Glo Smart Space might just be right for you.

3: Broil-King Signet 20

The Signet 20 is one of our favorites on this list. Priced at $450 it has heavy cast iron cooking grates that provide extremely fast heat transfer. Though it can heat up quickly, you don’t need to worry about burning your buns, this powerful grill also carries a wide range of temperature for all your grilling needs.

4: Weber Spirit E-310

Webers have a reputation for being extremely durable, and the Spirit E-310 is no exception. Running at $499, you can count on your Weber to last through the ages. With Weber’s support and warranty, it’s a hard grill to pass up on. On top of that, the stainless steel exterior does an excellent job trapping in the heat, allowing the grill to heat up quickly, but also cook down quickly as well. Another impressive advantage is their assembly process. The Weber Spirit E-310 utilizes an app called BILT to help buyers to assemble the grill after purchase. BILT is an app that gives 3D voice-guided instructions to help you assemble your grill after purchase. Because of this, setting up your Weber Spirit is a breeze. With all of these extras, this is a hard grill to pass up on.

5: Broil King Baron

Winner of several awards for design, the Broil King Baron sits at the top of our list. Costing $499 this powerful grill has the capacity to grill whatever you need however fast you need it. Though it’s not as powerful or as fancy as some other grills out there, you won’t find another grill quite like this for under $500. It carries everything you need in a grill with just a little bit extra. The heat transfer and grilling space allow you everything that you need for many cookouts to come.


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