The benefits of using cars with automatic transmission

A car with manual transmission is fun as the driver has full control of the vehicle. With the introduction of automatic transmission, most modern vehicles have adapted the technology. Some are semi-automatic and others are fully automatic. The manual vehicles are still available in the market although they are fewer and less expensive especially in bangalore used cars.

Easy to drive

This is primarily the most obvious reason why people are opting for automatic cars. There is no need to worry about the clutch, throttle and gear shift as they are automatically controlled. This reduces the stress of having to control all of them while driving.

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More appealing

Since the introduction of automatic transmission, not many people bother with the manual transmission. This means that it limits a great number of drivers who are not familiar with the system. An automatic vehicle is a life saver in an emergency scenario as it provides the option of self-control in case the vehicle owner is unable to drive.

Fuel economy

Manual cars are more fuel efficient in comparison to automatic cars. This is because they weigh less and require fewer rpm’s while driving. But thanks to modern technology, automatic transmission has features which help in economizing fuel such as variable gears.

They are equally fun

Most people who have used manual transmission believe that it’s much more fun than automatic transmission. Automated vehicles have the ability to be shifted into a manual mode and be operated like a regular manual car. The advantage is that they don’t involve the hassle of using a clutch.

High market value

Since it’s more in use and is hugely popular, it is easier to sell off an automatic car than a manual car. In the end they are as fun and efficient as the manual cars.

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