The Advantages of Ride-On Scrubber Dryer Hire

If you have a business or warehouse with a large floor space, you may not want to commit the staff and time to manually cleaning it every day – with traditional cleaning methods, a large area of floor will soon drain your available man-hours, your bank account and your staff’s energy levels!

Save yourself time, money and staff exhaustion with ride-on scrubber drier hire. Superior to manual floor cleaning in almost every regard, a ride-on scrubber drier will be able to clean huge areas of floor quickly and effectively, with a multiple-action scrubbing, washing and drying functionality that can remove stubborn dirt and grime as well as regular dust and footfall.

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The ride-on scrubber dryers from Factory Cat UK are made in Wisconsin to American Industrial Standards, and include features that improve their effectiveness and cost-efficiency, like actuator rams to provide greater pressure on the brush decks than a lever could, forcing them into the floor more effectively for a deeper clean. At the same time, features like managerial limiters allow the pressure to be capped at a certain level, preventing excessive force wearing down the machines. Limiters can be added to the cleaning fluid dispensers as well, and the brush decks can be swapped for a range of different brushes and tools, and the ride-on functionality means that your staff won’t be tired out by their cleaning – in fact, it provides the chance to sit down while cleaning!

Powerful, robust and simple to use, Factory Cat’s ride on scrubber driers are the ideal floor cleaner for large areas, and are more than powerful enough for use in high-traffic areas like multi-story carparks and shopping malls.

Renting or hiring a ride on scrubber drier is often a better idea than buying one. With a bought scrubber dryer, you take complete ownership of the machine, and while you have a warranty to back you up if something goes wrong, you may still be delayed or suffer lost work hours if your machine develops a problem. By buying the machine outright, you also take on responsibility for its efficacy and maintenance, something which you avoid by renting instead.

Scrubber dryer hire allows you to leave the maintenance and condition of the machine to the hire agency, instead of shouldering it yourself. If something goes wrong with your hired scrubber dryer, simply call the provider, who will repair it for you. If, after several years, your scrubber dryer is nearing the end of its effective operational life, it won’t cost you more than your existing hire charge to swap it for a new one, whereas a machine which you own would cost its full price for a replacement.

As a result, hiring scrubber dryers can be much more cost-effective than buying them outright, and when managed well, a hired scrubber dryer can change the course of your business maintenance solutions! For more information, call Factory Cat UK today on 02380 617129 or visit their site, linked above, for a quotation!

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