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Not many people pay tax willingly. If there is a loophole, we all try to evade taxes. But there are a couple of ways by which you can be exempted from paying tax legally. But the tax is recovered from people to run the Government and is spent on roads, infrastructure, military, police, etc. Few of the segments where taxes are levied are income, wealth, agricultural, road, sales, etc. besides there could be surcharges and levied. Even there are duties like customs duty, excise duty, etc. which are pinching your pockets. Of late GST is replacing most of the sales tax regime.

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IRS is closely watching regarding your tax returns. If you have not submitted your return or not renewed the ITIN number, it is high time you do this. This is bit laborious process, but you have Tasha’s tax talk to help you.

IRS is becoming more customers friendly with the simplified online submission procedures. However, if you have accumulated tax arrears, better consult an expert. You can have all the updates and status delivered to you. These experts would guide you through the process of tax savings by way of investments and bonds. There could also be some fields you have not given due importance while filing last tax returns. You may be for a surprise that you are getting a tax rebate and refund for the tax you have paid.

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It is far from evading tax, but the legal remedy and provisions given under the tax rules. Or it be the Federal, state or local authority who has imposed some fines on you. You can legally challenge those tax impedances.

Tasha’s tax talk has many years of experience in dealing with IRS and the tax matters. You can depend on them for getting proper and correct advice.

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