SwissSpin Poised to Make a Splash with Release of FuriousFlash 500 Table Tennis Set

Ushering in a new and exciting era for table tennis worldwide, SwissSpin has announced the details of their new table tennis set. A four-player set, FuriousFlash 500 has been designed and manufactured on a world-class level. It features four 5-star, semi-professional paddles and eight 3-star, pro balls, all crafted to the highest technical specifications in order to optimize your game, whether you are looking to play with some friends for fun or train for a specific competition. In addition to its top-shelf components, FuriousFlash 500 is packaged with a convenient storage case and with a 40% stronger plastic blister for durability. Finally, you can practice your table tennis skills in a way that is convenient and conducive to your fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle!

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With other table tennis sets, there is always the expectation of a compromise. If you want the very best of anything, you have needed to expect that convenience will not be a part of the deal, and if you want the ability to play on the go, you have needed to expect shoddy equipment. With FuriousFlash 500, you sacrifice nothing, getting the very best of both worlds. This is a table tennis set from which you can expect excellent, unbeatable play – and you can expect it wherever you are and wherever you need to go.

The FuriousFlash 500 paddle is crafted with supreme FSC wood using BSCI fair labor practices, and on scales of 100, the 5-star, all-round rackets have scored 90 for speed, 92 for spin, and 92 for control, scores that are all indicative of superior products. The handle is made with a flared handle and extra glue for lasting adhesion, natural rubber on the face, a 2.0 mm sponge underneath the rubber, and a sturdy 5-ply blade. This is a set that anyone can be proud to own and that anyone can learn from, beginners and experts alike. The SwissSpin team is so confident that you will love Furious Flash 500 that they are offering a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year free replacement warranty.

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To learn more about FuriousFlash 500, the SwissSpin brand story, and the SwissSpin team’s commitment to putting out superior table tennis products, check out Table tennis is a game, but with FuriousFlash 500, that game is becoming elevated.

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