Smart Refrigeration Options in London

Whether you are enjoying an increased level of business or have special events in the diary which must be catered, if this is causing a capacity and storage issue, your solution is cost effective, easy to book, convenient and vitally, it meets legislation.

Refrigerated trailers or cold room rental will ease stress, maximise storage, maintain hygiene and food freshness. The fridge trailers and cold rooms are discreet, professional, set up by the hire firm and can be taken on any length of hire. You can obtain emergency facilities 24/7 from leading fridge hire London firms like Icecool Trailers.

Trailers and rooms are more economical than fridge vans which have fuel and vehicle maintenance costs built in to their fees. Unless you’re catering or offering services that move between locations the refrigerated trailers and cold rooms should be perfect.

Fridge hire London specialists appreciate that refrigerated trailers must work via mains or generator for optimum convenience. If you have a food stand at a show or street market, you can’t guarantee being positioned next to a power point. With the generator, there’s no need to worry. You can be in the middle of a field, adjacent to a wedding marquee, in an outbuilding or car park and operate safely and legally.

Restaurants, hotels, pubs, community centres and domestic users can also have their refrigerated trailers just outside the kitchen window and the units can be worked in.

Cold rooms are assembled on site so concerns about whether the facilities will fit through the doors are banished. Once in position, they cannot be moved, unlike refrigeration trailers, so please be confident that where you want the fridge hire London firm to construct it is the optimum place for operations.

Medical premises, test facilities and scientific research venues can take advantage of refrigeration trailer hire with the same ease as caterers. Keeping the specimens and samples at the best integrity can often be reliant on adequate cool trailer storage. If a Primary Care Trust or university knows that a blood drive, testing or epidemic is expected, having the additional fridge hire London facilities in place is imperative to manage processes effectively.

All units are lockable and insured but the stock placed in them would require additional cover which it is the hire customer’s responsibility to source.

London’s special events this Autumn/Winter

Attendees will need nourishment…if you cater at any London event, ensure it’s with law abiding facilities from a reputable firm.  Consumers expect you to know how to keep them safe, please don’t be the cause of a food hygiene incident!

  • Oktoberfest, Millwall Park, Canary Wharf – 28th September-8th
  • The London Literature Festival, Southbank – 13th October-1st
  • Halloween celebrations take place across London.
  • The Lord Mayors Show, City of London – 11th
  • Thanksgiving in London – 23rd
  • Andrews Day in London events – 30th November.
  • Christmas and New Year 2017 into 2018, across London.
  • Chinese New Year – February 2018.

There’s so much to look forward to, please check that your fridge capacity meets demands.

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