Restaurant budgeting NYC

A restaurant budget helps you to estimate how much money you will earn and how much you will use in running the restaurant. A real budget covers all the projected income and expenses and even makes provisions for changes that may occur during the fiscal periods. Budgets can be done weekly, monthly or annually. For small restaurants, the budget is drawn up by the owner or manager, while bigger restaurants rely on accountants. Ideally, the accounting department should liaise with management to prepare a budget. Restaurant budgeting NYC relies on historical information such as sales report to create budget estimates. A budget ensures you remain on track, control spending and ultimately it helps you realize profits. Use the following guidelines when creating a restaurant budget

Keep track

Whether using excel sheet, QuickBooks, ledger books or any other custom software ensure you record all your transactions. Every income and expense should be captured on record. Include details such as date, the method of payment, description of the service and amount. Don’t leave out anything as you are unlikely to remember in future. At the end of the month, sum up the expenses and income. Profit is realized if income exceeds expenses, and loss is recorded if your expenses are more than income. If making losses, remove any unnecessary expenses. Examining your budget every month, helps you to manage your expenses. Waiting until the end of the year to evaluate your position, makes it difficult to make timely changes to ensure a profit.


Regardless of whether you are starting out or have been running the restaurant for a long time, you need to have a sales estimate. Use past data to project how much sales you are likely to make.  Maybe you have learned from experience, that sales double every end month. You are also like to know when sales take a dip. To reduce expenses, you can hire casuals when business is booming, saving on employee expenses. Take advantage of peak sales season to push even more sales. Your target should be to increase sales and lower expenses, that’s the only way to make profits. Automated systems also can be used to conduct restaurant budgeting NYC.

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