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Still remaining a factor of unawareness, today we are going to share with you an all-new service, laid by Google, the Google Data Studio. Yes, this not any other services from Google which everyone can use. This service is more for the corporate world who are holding high-level businesses and the ones who are into Multi-Level Marketing Business or Network Marketing Business.

In this article today, we are going to give you a brief introduction on what Google Data Studio is all about and also how you can go about to use Google Data Studio.

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Brief Introduction to Google Data Studio

The basic conception on which the Google Data Studio is built is to convert analytics to reports. Obviously, for every one of us, reports are way easy to deal with rather than analytics. Thus, to make our work easy, Google Data Studio takes in all the analytics from the clients and then converts it into a report form, which is easily understandable and then presents it to you.

Availing Google Data Studio

Do note primarily that Google Data Studio is only available in the USA now and shortly it will be coming out to other countries. Now, Google Data Studio has two versions. The free version and the paid version, both these versions are available at the official website of Google Data Studio. If you avail the free version, do remember that there will be limitations bestowed upon you and you won’t be able to convert more than five analytics to reports. In the paid version, you get all the features which are available.

To know more about Google Data Studio, you can click here at

So, if you are a businessman and you are handling a big business or a big team of people, it is better you avail the Google Data Studio to keep track of your business in a lot easier and simpler way. For more information, Please click here.

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