Purchase a Property Restoration Services Denver Franchise

When people’s homes and businesses are damaged and destroyed, they want the repairs to happen as quickly and efficiently as possible. That is where a property restoration services Denver franchise comes in. When you own this type of company, you are able to move in and help people get their lives back to how they were before the damage occurred in a timely and sensitive way.

Hail can cause damage to roofs. Fires can damage parts of or entire buildings. Floods wipe out entire buildings. Pipes bust, and mold can grow anywhere there is moisture and there isn’t supposed to be. These are just a few examples of how nature and accidents cause our clients to lose not just sleep, but sometimes, their entire homes and/or livelihoods.

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We provide all the training you need to handle working with insurance companies and in all of the technology, policies, and procedures you will need to know. Insurance company communication is a key aspect of our business. Our clients depend on us to work with their insurance companies to efficiently handle their claims.

Working in the insurance restoration industry is more recession-proof than general construction. Because it isn’t affected by bad weather or poor economies in the same way, you can expect quite a profitable return on an investment in a property restoration services franchise.

In fact, franchise owners earn eight percent on the profits from emergency restoration jobs. For general construction projects, they earn four percent. With the diversified income stream such a franchise provides to an already-established general construction company, profits are very likely to increase significantly.

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