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Planet Express is making the lives of online shoppers easier than never before. Though we find every sort of products online, we also come across retailers who do not provide package delivery services ouside their respective countries. But for those living outside the United States of America (USA) but wishing to buy products from online retailers in the USA, Planet Express is their to mert their shipment regarding needs.

We, Planet Express, are a USA based company providing package delivery service worldwide. If you want to do online shopping with the online retailers of the USA, just go ahead and buy what you want. You do not need to worry about the shipment service. All you need to do is just have the products delivered to us and we will ship them to you any where in the world. You have the option of choosing from our various available shipment methods. The shipment pricing will vary according to the shipment method.  You can calculate the pricing using our online shipping calculator.

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If you are buying multiple products, we will consolidate your products as well. After receiving all the products from the respective retailers, we consolidate them all into one single package. Consolidation not only makes the handling easy but also reduces the overall pricing of the package as during this process, a lot of extra packaging material and empty space is removed which otherwise make the package heavy. Due to this reason, smaller packages cost more during shipment as compared to bigger packages.

You have to add $5 in your account at the time of registerung with us which you can use while placing order for your first shipment. Moreover, if you want to make sure that the retailer has delivered us the same products that you had bought, you can write us and request the photo of the goods. Contact us for fast, easy, transparent and reliable shipment of your products.

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