Optimal US Logistics, LLC Review – Is It Worth It?

Optimal US Logistics www.optimaluslogistics.com is a popular shipment company that offers a diverse range of courier services. In essence, the company aims to cater to customers who aren’t located in the US and want to do business over there.

Also, the company helps individuals to purchase goods from the US-based companies who don’t ship items to their location. Having said, the company purchases a wide range of products and delivers them to the customers resided in different countries in the world.

In my Optimal US Logistics, LLC review, I’ll reveal if it’s a worthy and reliable service to send and receive goods in any location worldwide.

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My Review about Optimal US Logistics, LLC

Optimal US Logistics, LLC is surely one of the most economical services in the market. The company helps customers to cut down the international shipping costs by allowing them to combine multiple purchases into a single delivery package.

Their service has proven to be valuable as they provide customers with opportunities to save cost. Fortunately, the customers are required to pay less tax with their service, saving on shipping costs. In this way, Optimal US Logistics, LLC helps companies to increase their ROI and expand thebusiness.

Service Features of Optimal US Logistics, LLC

Optimal US Logistics, LLC offers following features to customers around the world:

Physical Mailing Address in The United States

Among various offerings of Optimal US Logistics, LLC stands a physical address in the US. Having said, the company provides customers with a US mailing address, assisting them in receivingmails and parcels hassle-free. Interestingly, the address doesn’t belong to any post office but the company itself.

Upon delivery, the goods are retained in one of the warehouses, where they are prepared for shipment to the customers.

Also, the correspondence emails from retailers are scanned and uploaded by users. All the information about shipment is stored in their systems so that users can easily track and monitor their delivery. Also, users can redirect delivery to any destination in the world.

Shipment andFreight

Optimal US Logistics services aren’t limited to parcels and couriers. They offer forwarding services for aconsignment of goods belonging to every size and weight. Also, the company ensures timely delivery of consignment by air.

On top, customers find their pricing plans to be economical than others. In fact, their air mailing rates are comparatively lessthan sea freight rates of competitors. However, air delivery can’t be compared with that of thesea due to delivery time.

Besides, if the freight weights more than sixty kilograms, then the company offers anexclusive discount. In this way, they help in trimming down the international shipping costs.

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Competitive Shipping Costs

Optimal US Logistics, LLC has joined hands with the major shipping companies including the DHL, FedEx and United States Postal Service.

In this way, the company ensures least possible rates to customers worldwide. Not to forget, their shipping rates may vary from country to country. However, they keep service standard high by ensuring economic shipping costs and timely delivery of freight.

Final Words

Optimal US Logistics, LLC is surely one of the most feasible and reliable services available in the market. With cost-effective packages, timely delivery, and global presence, the company offers exceptional shipping and freight services to customers worldwide.

However, lack of 24/7 chat support system is an area for improvement, which the company should look forward to. Putting it simply, their service is feasible, affordable, and reliable.


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