Moving Office Utilities- Things You Need To Know

In case you are planning for an office move, consider the fact that moving office furniture is not the thing which your employees can do. In this case, you would need an expert, who can lift and move all the heavy objects safely. Professional movers also have the necessary training and equipment ranges necessary for moving the heavy office furniture safely without causing any problems.

Actually, during moving a business to a new location, it is necessary to take enough time to pack the office furniture and supplies carefully to avoid any damage during the move. To pack things properly, basic packing supplies are required, which include tape, boxes, packing peanuts, bubble wraps and newspapers. In case you are planning to move the furniture by your own, then use furniture pads and tries to remove the legs from the furniture. Place all the screws or nuts in one labeled bag taped to under part of your furniture. Besides, you should also move the cabinets or desks with drawers in place to secure the drawers.

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Moving computers and other electronics types:

While it comes to moving office equipment like as computers and other types of electronics, pack all these electronics in the original box or some similar sized box. Then fill the space with packing peanuts or paper. The best option is to use the original Styrofoam for added protection, but the bubble wraps and blankets will also work. Make sure you don’t set any heavy item on the top of your computer box.

Paperwork and books:

Books should always be packed in the strong boxes. Always lay flat the large books and the medium and small sized books should be packed standing upright or lying flat. Never cram too many boxes in a single box. In case it is already filed, then the papers can be kept in the filing cabinets if the drawers remain secured during the move.

Organizing the storage units:

While setting the office equipment storage in the storage unit, place all the items, which you would frequently need in front after shifting. Put all the heavy boxes in bottom. Besides, stack the boxes on top of the desks and other types of furniture pieces. Even you can turn the furniture items vertically to free up some additional spaces. Every box should be labeled properly and also maintain a list of where you place every box in the unit.

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