LoMag Simple Inventory Management 

Utilising the advantages the Microsoft SQL technology, LoMg has developed an effective, stable reliable and simple Inventory Management.

The Net Framework libraries, on which the application is founded is ideal for current inventory, warehouse and storage applications. LoMag with the latest feature network technologies would be a boom for your business, especially in the small and medium sector.

Microsoft SQL Server Express would facilitate multiple operations at various locations.

The Microsoft Express version is perfectly ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises, as of the database is limited to 4GB, memory size to 1 GB and one processor.

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The corporate-scale online analytical processing facilitates increased productivity and profitability. No Special skills are required to run this user-friendly system. You can modify the format – square, table, split cells, text or even bar code recognition with ease. The invoice format would now be quite informative. The top management can act swiftly depending on the inputs in the estimate, dead stock, replenishment of stock, etc. in a more focussed way.

LoMag client list includes companies and institutions of various profiles of activity. With the recent trend, ecommerce is going to dominate the scenario.  LoMag Simple Inventory Management system is ideally suitable for e-commerce. The hospitality sector has appreciated the simplicity and effectiveness of this system.

Other sectors who are benefitted are Publishing houses, advertising agencies, accounting firms, electronic equipment manufacturers, etc. Even the service industry has found application cost effective. You can have the free demo version. But paid version with advanced features is also available.

In modern day management time is the essence; any delay in decision making would cost a lot.  With the efficient LoMag Simple Inventory Management the management has all the data ready at a glance. The material management logistics take a new turn with LoMag Simple Inventory Management. You can even incorporate a minimum level warning system.

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