How to start the blogging?

If you want to become a blogger then there are many platforms available for you that provide you the already built site that you can use as your website and do the direct blogging. Blogging website is one of the best ways to get your own website and start the blogging on your website right away. Many people who love blogging or want to do blogging always have a worry about how to make a blog because many people don’t know about coding. But using a blogging website surely proves to be beneficial as it can build your website without any inconvenience. Moreover, most of the blogging sites are totally free that means you can get your website without spending even a single penny. However, not all features and designs available at the blogging website or service are free but still there are many features that are free and you can add the free elements to your website. There are various advantages of using a blogging site as well such as –

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SEO ready – as you all know about SEO that it stands for the search engine optimization and it helps the website to gain high ranking in the results of the search engine. Many codebased websites make use of SEO services to increase the website ranking but if you make use of blogging websites then you don’t need to make use of SEO services. This is because blogging websites are already SEO friendly, that means during the built up of the website simple and constant codes are used that makes blogging websites ideal for the search engine indexing.

Responsive web design – as you know that now day’s people surf the internet more by their mobiles than their PC or computer. Best part of the blogging websites is that these sites are already mobile optimized sites that means user can easily access and look at the website from their mobile. So, this is also a great reason to make use of blogging websites to make a blog.

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