How Companies Are Making Downtown Phoenix The Place To Be

Downtown Phoenix is on the fast-track to becoming one of the biggest up-and-coming cities in the country. With tons of high rise apartments buildings being rapidly built and delicious eateries popping up everywhere, Phoenix is becoming the place to eat, drink, live, sleep, and hang out. Many businesses in the area have been supporting the growth of downtown Phoenix and agree it’s an amazing place to live and work. So how exactly are companies in Arizona making downtown Phoenix the place to be?

The Warehouse District

The Warehouse District in Phoenix has experienced a complete transformation over the past few years. Even though businesses have been buying old warehouses to run their companies, they have made sure to preserve the architectural integrity of these historical buildings. Businesses like restaurants, art galleries, music venues, and advertising agencies have begun to call these warehouses home, bringing new life to the district in a really cool way.

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Phoenix Urban Guide

A Phoenix web development agency has helped Artlink to develop Phoenix Urban Guide, a map that helps locals and tourists find events, restaurants, art exhibits, and more in the Phoenix area. It is also making transportation easier by helping users find nearby light rail stops and grid bike stations. Artlink is a nonprofit organization that works to connect artists and promotes creativity in the downtown Phoenix area. Creative minds like these make Phoenix unique.

Roosevelt Row

Roosevelt Row is famously known as Phoenix’s Art District. The area promotes walkability and encourages painted murals on the surrounding buildings. As Roosevelt Row has become increasingly popular, more and more residential areas, restaurants, and music venues have been filling up the district. First Fridays are considered to be one of the most prominent monthly events in the area and are a time for the celebration of artists and vendor-filled streets.

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