Finding a Social Media Manager for Your eBook Store


Social media has become the primary method by which many people learn of news, events and trends. This means your marketing strategy is missing a key component if you’ve yet to leverage its influence for your ebooks business. Now, with that said, you need to know social media is both fast moving and constantly evolving. When applied to business, it’s a function deserving of full-time attention.If you’re going to be serious about it, you’ll need to set about finding a social media manager for your ebook store.

The Nature of the Job

Though you’d like to think you can plan for every eventuality, social media ebbs and flows with world events. Yes, there are some standard situations you can cover to ensure you have some daily fodder, but when the world turns on a dime, your social presence needs to be right there in the thick of things to demonstrate your relevance. For this reason, a good social media manager is someone who has an ear to the ground and can interpret developments as they transpire. They must also can apply those interpretations to your ebooks business to craft relevant posts.

Organization and Internal Communication

To be effective, your social media manager will need to be in sync with your marketing, public relations and sales efforts to broadcast messages supporting those functions. This means they need to be just as capable of looking inward as outward to see what’s happening. They must also be ready with three to five posts each day. Accomplishing this requires planning far in advance so they have time to develop ideas and run them past you for approval before taking them live.

Flexibility and Prioritization Skills

The world doesn’t care if you’ve spent the better part of a month developing a social marketing plan based around how to sell ebooks on your own website. If an 11-year old suddenly BASE jumps from the Freedom Tower, your social media manager needs to can shift gears and coming up with a slate of relevant posts around that event, without sounding like you’re exploiting the situation for personal gain. In other words, they must be flexible enough to put plans on hold and prioritize surfing the wave of public interest.

A Sense of Propriety and Discretion

A good social manager should also have a strong sense of your company values, the nature of your primary customer base and what will be considered appropriate based upon that knowledge. When you think about it, this person is going to be the voice of your ebooks store. Ideally, before you unleash this person on the world, you’ll spend some time acclimating them to your principles. This way, when breaking news stories happen and the manager needs to get something out quickly, they know the parameters within which they can work so they can deliver without going through a lengthy approval process.

Strong Sense of Responsibility

You also want a levelheaded person who responds to adversity with reasoning and intelligence rather than emotion. There will be times when — whether justified or not — your social manager will have to deal with negative comments about your ebook store. They must can keep their feelings in check and crafting responses capable of defusing the situation without aggression. In other words, they’ll put the company first and be responsible to the job rather than the way they feel. Which is yet another reason why finding a social media manager for your ebook store is a better idea than doing it yourself.

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