Ecommerce Video Production: How it Relates to Ecommerce and E-Marketing

In the past several years, ecommerce video production has become so huge, it’s evolved into its own type of marketing video. It’s now among the ranks of the explainer videos, animated explainer videos, corporate videos, and web videos. Ecommerce videos are considered one of the best e-marketing tools, as all videos are wont to be. They are also considered essential components of ecommerce. As something that easily falls under both categories, one has to wonder how both forms of electronic processes relate.

Thankfully, the terms are not used as interchangeably as other marketing terms often are. However, for anyone in marketing or electronic entrepreneurship, understanding how they work, where they’re different, and how they’re similar is an absolute must.


E-Marketing uses the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers. E-Marketing is, in fact, very similar to Internet Marketing; it is dependent on the internet and web-based channels to send its message.

E-Commerce, on the other hand, simply refers to the “buying and selling of products or services” conducted through electronic channel. Despite the description, it cannot be considered “similar” to internet marketing, seeing as ecommerce is more connected to the sales process rather than the promotional process.

Is it fair to say then that e-marketing is a subset or a concept under ecommerce? Some would say yes, considering that ecommerce seems to be the broader term and e-marketing the more specific of the two. However, we personally think it makes more sense to consider both e-marketing and ecommerce as two separate entities, related but not necessarily structured in the same hierarchy.


Ecommerce: Making the Sale

Ecommerce—or Electronic Commerce—is defined as a term for any type of business or “commercial transaction that involves the transfer of information across the internet.” Online stores are perhaps the best example of ecommerce at work. Their products are readily available online and can be bought with just a few simple clicks.

Acting as the ultimate alternative to physical storefronts, online shops fulfil the definition perfectly; a commercial transaction between buyer and seller—where money is exchanged for goods—happens electronically rather than in-person.

E-Marketing: Ecommerce Video Production

Video is a content component of e-marketing. While they do arguably help with the overall sales process, they are more promotional than operational. They engage with potential consumers and direct them to thesales system, but they don’t do the actual selling.

Keeping in mind ecommerce videos and ecommerce video production as content components of e-marketing, to say e-marketing is related to ecommerce is a fair conclusion to draw. To say e-marketing is actually a crucial, vital aspect of ecommerce is also a pretty solid statement.

Using internet-based channels such as emails, video platforms, social media, and websites to introduce the viewers to a brand or product is to encourage sales and simultaneously boost ecommerce companies. Indeed, a “big part of ecommerce would not exist without e-marketing.”

Both ecommerce and e-marketing are separate entities. One belongs to the commercialized, buy-and-sell community of retailers and shoppers. The other belongs to digital world of marketing. While the latter is arguably a component of the former, in the sense that it supports and promotes, their functions are totally different. Bouncing off of textbook definitions, ecommerce video production is, without a doubt, part of e-marketing. Looking at the practical application of things though, ecommerce videos play a crucial part in ecommerce as well.

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