Download clash of clans and get lost in the adventurous world

There are many adventurous games available online and in play store that you can download according to your choice. Out of all, these days clash of clans is getting very popular, in fact game lovers are going mad for this game. This is a strategy game and requires a lot of attention and mind to create strategies.  It is a fantasy themed game in which players are the chief of village. In this game, you need to build your own town by using all the resources which you have gained by attacking on other players. For attacking other person some fighting features are available in game that you need to use. The main resources which are required for building the town include gold, dark elixir and elixir.  You can download this game on mobile and can play anytime you want.

Resources required for the game

This game starts by creating your own clans or troop with which you can participate in wars and can even donate them to earn resources. There are four currencies required to play this game which are gold, gems, elixir and dark elixir. Gold and elixir currency is used to build and do reloading of the defense that helps in protecting the player from attack of other players. While on side, dark elixir and elixir help in updating the troops and are even used to provide training. Last currency, gems are the premium currency and are not available so easily. Each of the attack is rated with help of three star scale having length of three minutes.


Player can also earn gold and elixir currency by attacking a series of goblin villagers with help of special feature known as pseudo single player campaign. The game also consists of two default builders and if players want they can even get more with the help of gems. In case, if the builders are not free then they need to wait for them.

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