Does My Business Sign Need Built-up Letters?

When you are opening a business, one of the most important things to keep in mind is your business’ appearance, its reputation and its ability to advertise itself to potential customers and possible partners.

This aspect of business is one which is made up of many thousands of small interactions and factors, from customer service, word of mouth and cultural ambience to signage, advertisements and niche exploitation in the current economic climate to ensure maximum brand exposure. Of these, the most direct and simple is in your business signage. With a business sign, you can advertise to anyone who comes within visual range of your premises and communicate the essence of your business to anyone who sees it – for example, by using a font and style which evokes the work done by your business, or which provides a favourable image for your customers – the way that medical facilities always use soothing, clean-looking colours and patterns in their signage to reassure their clients and project an image of unassailable quality.

To successfully make use of the advantages that a business sign can provide, the experts at SignTrade Letters recommend the use of built up letters, which can provide an incredible 3D effect to your signs while incorporating LED lighting and removing the “dark corners” sometimes seen with LED enhanced lighting. Thanks to their strong Perspex construction and large profile, LED lighting can be set up inside each light to provide a great, even illumination throughout the letter, and each of the built up letters can be fitted with a vinyl face, providing any colour you would like. The edges and sides can be left with their natural opal colour, creating a backlit effect for your coloured letters, as can the faces if you’d prefer. This is best done against a dark background or clear space, creating plenty of contrast between your acrylic LED letters and the backdrop. With this done, your sign will be much more visible to potential customers in all lighting conditions!

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Thanks to the even illumination provided by acrylic LED letters, they are more visible than other sign types even in adverse weather conditions like heavy rain, thick fog, and night time – the contrast between coloured built up letters and their background, coupled with the illumination provided by the interior LEDs, will provide good visibility and advertising for your business regardless of ambient conditions. This is especially important when you consider that your business sign is only partially an advertising investment – its primary function is in allowing customers to find your business in the first place. In the pouring rain or the freezing dark, a clear sign for searching customers is a godsend!

If you have decided to invest in a sign of built up letters or enhanced LED acrylic letters, then you can order a completely bespoke design unique to your business by getting in touch with the LED acrylic letters experts at Signtrade Letters UK. They will be happy to provide you with a quote and discuss your needs with you to reach a solution that suits you!

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