Cyber Attacks are Changing with Time, and So is Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks are a reality now than they have ever been. Cybersecurity is a serious and costly issue: An attack on Sony cost customers $77 million.

Who Orchestrates Cyber Attacks?

Organized crime groups are responsible for the majority of cyber-attacks on the internet. There are different organized groups who see an opportunity to siphon money from hard-working individuals and plan strategically for this.

Cyber attacks should be taken seriously as a good number of small businesses (60%) that become victims of cyber attacks do not recover and have to close shop after a 6-month period. Protecting yourself from cyber attacks should be top on your company’s priority list.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

Be Prepared for Cyber Attacks

It is important to be prepared for an attack so that when and if it happens, you are ready for it and it won’t destroy your business. Cyber attacks can happen through various avenues such as hacking, phishing, keylogging, social engineering and identity theft. All these are ways in which your company can be infiltrated. There should be security measures in place for each of these avenues to minimize the possibility of a cyber attack as much as possible.

Have the Right Security Measures in Place

Once you identify how the hackers could get in, you can then create a protocol that will make sure they are unlikely to get in. Some of the common security measures to put in place include social media security. Chances are your employees check their social media pages at work. If your company is on social media, then chances are your social media manager also checks into your social media pages or is on there the whole day. Organize for routine security checks. You can also back up your data safely. Having a response plan in place is critical. If you have no idea where to start a good compliance firm can take you through the basics.

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Educate Everyone at Your Workplace

Employees contribute to cyber attacks, knowingly and unknowingly. Educating them regularly on the seriousness of cyber attacks and teaching them the various ways they can help minimize attacks will go a long way in ensuring your company and its information is safe. Some basic things they can do include using different passwords for their different accounts, keeping passwords secure and not saving them to browsers, changing their passwords every so often, not include anything personal in their passwords, and using letters, symbols, and numbers which is more secure.

Keep all Software Updated

There’s a reason why your security software needs to be updated as often as possible: It protects your system against new threats. Usually, the IT department is responsible for this. However, if you’re a smaller company and don’t have an IT department, then you need to allocate someone to do this.

The little things add up. Make sure your company is protected on all ends. This helps avoid losses or business closure.

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