Construction Proposal

The most important document in the Construction Industry and the most vital point of this proposal is to match your company to the client. There is no need to sell your company, the most important thing is to understand and match the client’s needs.

So what do you put in your construction proposal?

Cover Letter

  • Address your recipient (by name)
  • Introduce you and your company
  • Briefly explain why you are submitting a proposal
  • Summarise why your company is the only one for the project

Company Profile

  • Highlight past work relevant to this client
  • Illustrate you are capable of completing this type of project
  • Information on companies gevity, professional certifications your company and employees have and any accolades you may have received.

Contact Information

  • You want to give the recipient as much contact information as possible so if they have any questions or ideally want to accept the proposal, getting in touch with you is easy.


  • Make it clear you are making an estimate
  • List all costs related to;
  • Labor
  • Materials
  • Subcontractors
  • Equipment fees
  • Other costs


  • This is simply both parties signing in agreement to the terms laid out in the proposal
  • Agreement to the proposed cost estimate

Each company have there own way of producing a construction proposal, the most important thing is to ensure that you match the needs of the client and stand out from the rival proposals.

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