Can You Afford to Be Without the Protection of a Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are many reasons why hiring a personal injury attorney makes sense. There are a host of benefits to hiring a personal injury lawyer like the professionals found at MGInjuryLawyers.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Knows the Value of a Claim

The average individual has no idea of how much their personal injury claim might be worth. It takes an attorney, with experience, to give clients an accurate estimate of their claim. An attorney can analyze injuries and place true value on their client’s suffering and pain. Those who attempt to represent themselves in a personal injury claim may lose out on thousands of dollars. A personal injury lawyer can also work with their client to discuss fees and upfront costs, if any.

Injury Attorneys Understand the Legal Process

The average person is not familiar with the legal procedures involved in settling a lawsuit. Lawyers know what documents need filing, how to properly complete forms, and statute of limitations that may apply. The old saying “if you do not know your legal rights, you do not have any” still applies. A person’s knowledge gap can cost them dearly. Insurance companies often beat people on legal technicalities.

Attorneys Are Motivated to Help Clients

If an attorney works on a contingency basis, they are motivated to achieve the best possible outcome for their client. Their goal is to help clients realize the highest possible settlements. It is understandable why most personal injury attorneys choose cases they think they can win.

They also have the knowledge and skills to prepare and take a case to trial. The presence of an attorney lets insurance companies know that a client wants to win their case. As such, a person is far more likely to win an equitable solution with an attorney. The following are signs that a person needs to hire a personal injury attorney:

  • When a person suffers a potential long-term, or a disabling injury, an accident attorney can help. Any injury can become a long-term injury. They can help determine how an injury affects a client’s earning capacity over time.
  • Suffering a severe injury can run up medical bills and life savings in a hurry. An attorney takes into consideration the cost of their client’s medical bills and how long it will likely take for their client to recover.
  • A person may also need a personal injury attorney if there is a question about liability or the lawsuit involves multiple parties. Multiple party involvement can make things far more complicated. Anyone could be the subject of an insurance claim from another party.
  • Insurance companies are not typically out to pay claims. It goes against the principle of making a profit. Insurance companies may refuse to make a settlement or offer far less than the claim is worth. They sometimes engage in bad-faith practices against insurance claims.

Hiring and seeking the advice of an accident attorney can save individuals money and future headaches. It is always best to seek an attorney’s expertise early on.


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