Can I Be Arrested for OWI If I’m Not Impaired?

The one thing that most people wish they had the ability to do is break bad habits. The truth is that it takes almost 3 months of actively avoiding a bad habit and actively engaging in another, replacement habit for you to be able to say that you’ve been able to conquer it. And most people simply don’t have that drive.

While most people don’t see drinking alcohol to be all that big of a deal, the truth is that it is one of the hardest habits to break. It’s actually right up there with quitting smoking or kicking a bad drug habit. You may think that your daily drinking is something that you engage in voluntarily. However, if it is something that you have been doing for a long period of time, not onlyyou’re your body physiologically adapted to having the alcohol present but you have also developed a very deeply ingrained habit that will be nearly impossible to break. The reason for this is simple. You have a physical dependence on the substance as well as a mental dependence that has developed. This dual dependence is what forms the very basis for an addiction.

While there is nothing illegal about consuming alcohol on a daily basis, there is an issue when you continue to go about your daily activities after consuming it, especially if this includes driving your car. When you consume alcohol on a regular basis and then get behind the wheel of a car, you are breaking the law.

The reason that driving under the influence is illegal is because of the effects that alcohol exerts on the body. It slows your reflexes, which has a direct impact on your ability to see what is happening around you and respond to it. It also impairs your ability to think clearly and make good judgement calls when it comes to driving. All of this results in a higher risk of injury to yourself and those around you. That is why there are such strict laws that govern what driving drunk actually means and what the penalties are for engaging in such behavior.

If you consume alcohol on a regular basis, you have probably adapted to its mind altering properties, meaning that you have much less impairment behind the wheel than someone who doesn’t drink regularly. However, just because you aren’t impaired in your ability to drive, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t still breaking the law.

Drivers who aren’t impaired but yet still test over the legal limits for blood alcohol concentration can be arrested for what is known as OWI per se. An OWI per se charge means that you aren’t showing any signs of impairment necessarily, but that you have had a blood or breath test that indicated that you were over the legal limits to be considered intoxicated. This is also the same law/charge that is used when someone refused to submit to a field sobriety test.

Remembering to pass your keys to someone who has not been drinking is the best way to avoid facing all of the stiff penalties that you might get if you are arrested for drunk driving. Of course, hiring a cab or calling an Uber are also a great way to avoid Indiana Arrest Records for OWI arrest. Using one of these alternatives can save you an arrest record and more.

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