Buyer’s Credit: The Effective Source Of Finance For Importers

Buyer’s Credit is the unique credit facility programme which is mainly designed to motivate Indian exporters to explore some new geography. With the help of this, an exporter enjoys reduced transaction costs as well as it will eliminate the complexities of international trade transactions. Apart from that, exporter also gets to compete in the business market as well as can put his working capital to scale up operations. If you interested to take the benefits of buyer’s credits, you must consider Savedesk, it is India’s First Technology Platform that allows you to get instant and cheap buyer’s credit quotes. It is an ideal online platform that also services directly from foreign lenders. Most importantly, Buyer’s Credit allows you to acquire import finance that also results in lower interest rates, quicker response time, minimal arrangement fee, in addition to this offer better convenience to execute all your import transactions.

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Why Buyer’s Credit Quotes:

Buyer’s credit is one of the popular loan facilities and it is also extended to an importer by a financial institution or bank to finance the goods or services purchased. However, buyer’s credit is considered as the most useful mode of financing in international trade, of course, foreign buyers seldom pay cash for the purchase. Most importantly, the buyer’s credit facility also involves a bank as well as it can extend credit to the exporter and importer, based in the exporter’s country. Overall, buyer’s credit also benefits both the buyer as well as a seller in a trade transaction.  Especially, the availability of buyer’s credit allows the exporter to pursue large export orders. Similar to this, the importer also gets the flexibility to pay for the purchases within the respective time period.

Benefits Of Buyer’s Credit

First of all, Buyer’s Credit allows you to get access to foreign funds at cheaper costs at the same time the rate of interest is also linked with LIBOR rates. Through this, the exporter is also paid on the due date, while the importer also gets the extended date for making payments. Apart from that, the funding currency also varies based on the choice of the customer it can be in any FCY such as EURO, JPY, USD, GBP etc. through the buyer’s credit payments on goods or services are also received by the supplier based on the LC payment terms. Buyer’s credit offers number o advantage as well as it helps Indian importer in Global markets. With the buyer’s credit, the importer can deal with exporter on sight as well as negotiate a better discount additionally use the buyer’s credit route to avail financing. On the whole, the importer can avail this financing for any form of trade through collections, or LCs or open account, as well as the currency of imports, can be completely different from the funding currency this option enables importers to take a favourable view of the particular currency. To get the Buyer’s Credit you must consider Savedesk, here the experts available to offer best services and advice based on your needs. The Business Loan   will help in expansion of businesses with immediate availability.

As per RBI Directives on LoU based funding , Buyers Credit is currently not available at the moment.

Same can be substituted with LC/ BG based funding . We will arrange funding through Suppliers Credit

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