Benefits of mesh flooring

There are several benefits to open mesh flooring, it simply depends on what you’re looking to achieve. Whether it’s stability or security, look no further than Guardrail Engineering.

One of the main benefits of metal mesh flooring from Guardrail Group is that they fabricate the metal to suit your requirements, hence why all the flooring systems are made to order.

The benefits of stainless steel flooring include the following:


Working in an industrial workplace can be potentially hazardous. Any products or liquids that are used could cause harm if dropped on the ground. If your industrial business is prone to slips, trips and falls, metal mesh flooring is desirable.

The open mesh flooring is perfect for preventing any hazards from arising, by providing an anti-slip service, so why not install this type of flooring from Guardrail Group today?

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Open mesh flooringis a perfect solution for work environments where drainage is required on a daily basis, allowing for liquids to easily drain from through the surface, reducing the risks of slipping and helping to remove waste from the workplace floor.


When it comes to finding the best value for money, you need to do your research. Choosing the right flooring can help your business to perform more effectively. Stainless steel flooring is becoming an increasingly more popular trend with different industries, so if you’re looking for a way to enhance the appearance of your industry, that’s affordable- you’ll want to use open mesh flooring from Guardrail!


Does your industry deal with heavy machinery and wheeled goods? Do you need to transport products with ease? Guardrail’s metal mesh flooring is an ideal material to apply to your workplace. The stainless steel flooring has been designed to offer resistance to corrosion, as well as the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. No matter what your requirements are- Guardrail can help!

Fit to your workspace style

For a valuable addition, why not get open mesh flooring fabricated from Guardrail Group? The flooring incorporates an “industrial style” that can not only offer reliability for harsh environments but also provide a sturdy walkway or platform.

You needn’t worry about the stainless steel flooring suiting the environment of your workplace, you have a choice of surface finishes to choose from, including serrated and plain finishes. The reason for Guardrail offering various types of finishes is to cater for your needs directly, providing you with sufficient grip, style and flexibility.

If you require any more information about stainless steel flooring, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Guardrail Group today!

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