Are You New To Bitcoin? Here Is What You Need To Know

Bitcoin is the world’s most famous cryptocurrency. It has the highest value currently. As of today, one Bitcoin is equivalent to $ 8300. And its value is still growing. Being a digital currency, Bitcoin does not exist in paper form. It is a soft currency.

Just like the dollar and euro, Bitcoin can also be used to trade online. You can use it to shop for goods and services. The currency can also be used for fast e-commerce transactions. Transactions can take seconds, unlike the paper currency which takes time.

Benefits of trading with Bitcoin

Privacy in transactions

A trade with Bitcoin is amazingly anonymous. No one can trace your details from a transaction unless you voluntarily share them. This is not the case for cash-only purchases where transactions can be traced back to you.

Very low transaction fees

Bitcoin is a digital currency that does not require the employment of bank tellers that would demand a monthly salary. As a result Bitcoin transaction fees are strikingly low. There are no intermediary participants to slice into your transactions. Except for merchants and other parties selling the cryptocurrency to those who are not able to make direct purchases.

Very fast transactions

The Bitcoin system is made of complex automated algorithms. As a result, transactions are very fast. You can literally transfer currency within a few seconds as opposed to paper currency that would take hours and other days to go through. The sender can release an escrow from their bitcoin wallet, and within seconds, the funds would be reflecting in the recipient’s account.

Convenient Payments

Bitcoin allows you mobile payments similar to credit cards. All you need is internet access.  However, Bitcoin goes beyond since you do not need personal details for you to carry out transactions. All you need is a personalized E-Money Wallet. Again, wallets are provided on various platforms, the most popular being online and hardware wallets.

No third party interruptions

This is the ultimate benefit of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. No government can interrupt your transaction neither can financial institutions impose their regulatory laws on your money. It is up to you to research and make informed decisions about your money. Your wallet, your rules.

How to Get Started With Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

To start trading in Bitcoin, you need a wallet. You can try out the Paxful Bitcoin Wallet. It offers customers some amazing features that will make Bitcoin purchases seamless.

Distinctive features of Paxful Bitcoin Wallet

It has over 1200 trusted vendors from whom you can buy your Bitcoin. The company has over 300 payment options ranging from gift cards, credit cards, cash deposits, and online wallets. There is a very low buying commission since a very small fee is charged. Saves time as your transactions will go through within 5 minutes. Lastly, Paxful Wallet is fast, easy, and quite secure


Cryptocurrency is fast growing. Bitcoin is spearheading this growth. You should not be left out of this financial revolution. So make an effort and get your Bitcoin Wallet and start trading.

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