A Look Back at Ecommerce in 2017

The world of ecommerce experienced a banner year 2017. While more and more people were getting comfortable with shopping online, social media advertising hit a new high. There was growths in both the homemade and handmade markets, along with high sales on Cyber Monday. Overall, it was a good time to be a buyer or shopper. And, we’re eagerly looking forward to 2018. Here’s a look back at ecommerce in 2017.

Social Media in the Era of Ecommerce

The year saw a peak saturation of ads on social media like Facebook. While this indicates the advertising was working, it also may mean higher prices for Facebook ads in the coming year. Other sites offering advertising saw an influx of ads as welll, so you might want to take another look at your advertising budget for 2018. The good news is 2017 saw a lot of engagement and interaction in regards to ecommerce advertising. Social media can work wonders for a small business just getting started, but it may become more expensive over the next few years.

Let’s Get Tailored

Personalizing experiences is key for any ecommerce store to flourish and 2017 saw real innovation in that regard. Online shops started individualizing things for each shopper as well as the time of year. Website themes covering holidays, seasons, and sports playoffs made a big debut. This speaks to the fact that people expect a more tailored interaction when they shop online, in additon to convenience.

Across the Pacific

As far as market trends go, 2017 saw an increase in international purchasing. In fact, the Asian markets, with China in the forefront, started to catch up and overtake the U.S. in online shopping. While the US was still spending steadily, the market has started to reach saturation. Not true for Asian countries, a trend that will most likely continue into 2018. There’s still plenty of room for new businesses to start up, but it’s always a good idea to see where the trends are pointing. Good advice for 2018 would be to consider international customers because there are a lot of them ready to spend money.

What’s Next?

So what about 2018? What predictions are being presented at the beginning of this year? Some are suggestingthere’s going to be a return to brick-and-mortar stores but with digital roots. Businesses that previously only had a foot in one world might now start expanding into two. Customers, especially Millennials, do enjoy going to a physical location occasionally, while others may do their shopping entirely online due to their circumstances.

People who live in places without a lot of options, or those who don’t have time to shop will still use an online portal. Even customers who want to check out a brick and mortar store will hop on a site to browse, or order something they’ve purchased before. Retail has been undergoing a transformation for a few years and 2018 promises more of that. Brick and mortar combined with ecommerce looks to usher in new trends in retail to make things easier for everyone.

Looking back at ecommerce in 2017 demonstrates there will be plenty of businesses trying to make a name for themselves in 2018. This is good news for the customer who now has plenty of options to find what they need at the price they want. It’s also good news for ecommerce. People are spending money and looking for a variety of products from online stores. Rather than searching for the cheapest item, some shoppers are trying to find unique, handmade things; while others are looking for otherwise hard to get products. There are lots of avenues for someone who wants to start an ecommerce site. Not to mention plenty of shoppers all over the world just waiting to spend!

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