7 Types of Shoes for Women and Bags for Men, Be Savvy

The must have footwear for women: Shoes have been an object of desire for the women. It is the most versatile accessory in the wardrobe of every woman. Check out the list of different types of shoes for women of 21st century must have.

  1. Flats: They are comfortable and fashionable. You can walk in them whole day. There is an amazing collection in the market for the flats. You can explore it here
  2. Heels: Walking in heels changes the posture and attitude of the women. You may be wearing casual jeans with a tee. You compliment them with a pair of heels and your complete outfit changes. the latest range of heels can be found here
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  4. Wedges: Wedges are the most popular nowadays. They have the comfort of the flats and the grace of the heels. They are available in a variety of designs and colors. They are a must for every wardrobe. Check out the collection here
  5. Sandals and floaters: They are the best options for summers, monsoons or the beach. No wardrobe is complete without them. The designs are very attractive and they compliment any outfit. There is an amazing collection available here
  6. Ethnic shoes: Just as a wardrobe is incomplete, without the ethnic wear, similarly the shoe wardrobe is incomplete without the ethnic shoes. There is a whole range of comfortable ethnic shoes available here
  7. Casual shoes and sports shoes: Shoes are no longer restricted for gym wear. Pair them up with your jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses for nouveau look. There is a whole range of shoes here
  8. Loafers: They are easy to slip on and slip off. They are another name for comfort with style. For the woman of today it is another necessity. You can check out a whole range of stylish loafers here

Bags and sling bags for men of 21st century: Every man has a wallet. But every wallet is not practical.  It should be able to hold all the things you need-cash, credit cards, business card, your ID. Over the years, men have started carrying sling bags too. Sometimes they need items which for obvious reasons cannot fit in their pockets or wallets. Several men like to carry their gadgets with them. They fit perfectly in the bags. Today’s man no longer cares for the norm of the society and flaunts his bags.

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