7 Popular Reasons People Move to a New Home

Moving is a fact of life. We’ve all done it—and helped friends do it (with the reward of pizza and beverages getting us through the strenuous process). It often seems like just as soon as someone gets settled into a new place, they’re headed for greener pastures and their home is back on the market. This begs the question: what makes people move so gosh darn much?

The catalyst for relocating can stem from many sources, all with their own unique motivations. With, here  are seven popular reasons people move to a new home.

Wanting a Better Home

Sometimes people move because they simply want to upgrade their housing situation, or at least make a parallel transition. The U.S. Census found 14 percent of people moved between 2012 and 2013 because they “wanted a new or better home/apartment.”

Once the honeymoon period ends, homeowners and renters see reality, which sometimes comes in the form of shoddy plumbing, peeling paint, or spatial limitations. When that happens, it’s only natural to want better.

Wanting a More Affordable Home

The same U.S. Census survey found 8.4 percent of people moved because they “wanted cheaper housing.” Sometimes, people change their goals for budgeting, beefing up their savings account or contributing to their retirement funds. Thus,their current housing situation must change with them.

Homeowners often find as their homes age, they start to require more costly upkeep.While certain renovations and updates can improve quality of life while reducing monthly insurance premiums—and policyholders can always compare homeowner’s insurance quotes online to make sure they’re getting the best deal—sometimes a home is simply a money drain and it’s time to move somewhere more affordable.

A Change in Finances

Almost any lifestyle change impacts a homeowner’s financial situation, and it makes sense to view moving as a viable solution to cutting costs. After all, 28 percent or less of your monthly income should go toward a mortgage. For someone making the average median U.S. income ($55,775), that would mean spending under $1,301 per month.

A Growing Family

Suddenly that cozy one-bedroom condo you bought with your partner in your early days of marriage is feelingsnug. Adding children (or “fur babies”) to your family and doing what’s best for them may be the variable necessitating a move. As Trulia points out, you may prioritize an A-rated school district or access to parks wherever you head next for the benefits of your youngsters or pets.

Getting a New Job

Though fewer people are relocating for jobs now than in decades past—there’s been a 10 to 15 percent drop since 1980—it’s still a major influencer in whether homeowners stay put or head elsewhere. With the right job offer on the table, many workers are willing to hit the road for either a better salary, more career advancement opportunities or simply a much-needed change of pace.

Unexpected Life Event

All it takes is one unexpected life event to throw a five- or ten-year plan the window. Whether it’s an illness or death in the family, an abrupt change in the status quo or a legal issue; sometimes homeowners don’t move because they want to, but rather because they must.

Fulfilling a Life Dream

Have you ever had the nagging thought in the back of your mind that you haven’t quite accomplished everything on your list? At some point, many homeowners simply decide it’s worthwhile to see if greener pastures do exist. Maybe you’ve always wanted to move out west and spend your free days hiking. Perhaps your idea of heaven is sticking your feet in the sand and listening to ocean waves. Maybe you’ve always wanted to be an actor or actress. Following dreams is a less tangible, but totally valid, reason for moving.

These seven popular reasons why people move to a new home only scratch the surface of the human experience, but they do begin to explain why moving is such a common practice in our society.

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