5Tips And Tricks for the GoPro Hero6 Black

One of the best action cameras on the market today is the GoPro Hero6 Black. It is affordable, feature-packed, easy to use and the new 2-inch touchscreen display makes it easier to see what we are doing. With all of these features making it easier to use even by an amateur videographer, there are still some tips and tricks that will make using the GoPro Hero6 Black and your GoPro video editing even easier and a lot more fun. Let’s take a look at some now:

Adjust the field of view- the GoPro Hero6’s ability to capture wide landscape shots make this a very useful camera for action videography. That is, until something moves closer to the camera, which will then result in a distorted image. You can change this, avoiding the distorted images, by going to your FOV settings. You will see this in the shooting options when in video mode and you can adjust it to your liking and to the footage you are shooting.

Take a photo with your voice

     The new GoPro Hero6 Black has an on-board voice-controlled digital assistant which lets you do everything from taking a photo to starting a video recording. To activate this feature, simply swipe down from the top of the camera’s touchscreen and tap on the symbol that looks like a head.

Add HiLight tags- editing your footage is time consuming and takes a lot of work to get it right. To make the editing process easier for yourself or a professional video editor, you can add HiLight tags throughout the footage while you are recording. These can act like shortcuts to the important clips you want to go back to quickly during the editing process. To add a HiLight tag, just tap the menu button on the side of your camera recording.

Turn off those button beeps- one drawback of the GoPro Hero6 Black is that every time you power it on or press a button while in use, you hear a very loud beep sound. To turn this feature off, go to Preferences, select Beep Volumecontrol and turn the volume off.

Get better battery life- with all of the added features the newest GoPro action camera has, your battery can drain quickly. There are some ways that you can save battery life enabling you to shoot longer. First, go to Preferences and select the ‘Auto Off’ option. You can now choose how long your camera will stay idle before it automatically shuts down. Next, still in Preferences, go to the GPS option and turn that off. This alone will save you a lot of battery life. You can also reduce the screen brightness and screen timeout if you like to save even more battery life.

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