5 Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling to Bangkok

Thailand known as‘Land of Smiles’, is one of the best tourist destinations in South Asia and offers best tourism experience. Bangkok is the vibrant capital city of Thailand, is one of the must visit the city to have true essence of Thailand. Bangkok offers all the experiences a traveller looks for which includes Buddhist temples, shopping malls, restaurants, and many tourist spots. When travelling from New Delhi, Book New Delhi to Bangkok air tickets in advance. There are multiple flights from New Delhi to Bangkok throughout the clock offered by various airlines.

When you are travelling to Bangkok, few things are to be kept in mind. Below are 5 things that will surely help when traveling to this enchanting place.

Book well in advance

When you are travelling to Bangkok, it is a must to book tickets well in advance, which is the most important step to a well-planned trip. This helps you to keep away from last minute hassles and also help in saving travelling budgets. Some airlines offer low-cost air tickets when booked well in advance like Book New Delhi to Bangkok air tickets at a budget price, the amounts are saved tremendously. Research, compare and then book the tickets that suit your needs and at the same time provide comfort.

Keep a map in hand

Once landed in Bangkok make sure you buy a mapand keep it handy all the time as shifting street names, expressways of Bangkok are very confusing, and one gets lost very easily. A map with both Thai and English names are suggested for a comfortable and pleasurable exploration of the city. Maps with more information like hotels, tourist attractions in and around are always useful. With a map in hand explore the beautiful city of Bangkok quite effortlessly.


The main attraction is shopping in Bangkok, as the prices are not fixed, you can do bargaining.Bangkok has many world-class shopping malls, markets, floating markets, street flea markets and many other shopping options where one will get branded to budget items including houseware, clothes, shoes, accessories and much more are available in various prices. You can get 40 to 50% off the quoted price. If you don’t like the bargained prices walk away and there are good, chances that you will be called back for further negotiations.

Book a Package

As the city of Bangkok is huge it is suggested to take a package. There are many city packages offered by various tour operators. For an organised tour, it is best to book a package. The packages are affordable and well-planned. The best part of this packaged tours are the tourists have no need to worry about anything and enjoy the experience to the maximum. All the tourist spots are covered in an organised manner.

Try Thai Food, it’s worth taking risk sometimes

Don’t let the fear of the Bangkok stomach bug; try the authentic Thai food when you are in Bangkok to have a great experience. The street food in Bangkok is amazing. For the best Thai food at very less cost try the roadside street food stalls, these will serve you the real taste of Thailand. Just to be safe side, avoid drinking tap water. Always make sure you use bottled water not only for drinking but also for brushing your teeth. This keeps you healthy when in Bangkok.

The people of Bangkok are very helping and friendly. Overall, keep these few things in mind when travelling to Bangkok to make the vacation anamazing and memorable one.

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