3 Places to Use Parking Stops

Parking Stops are useful tools for guiding cars in areas where they park. These barriers can protect both the car and the surrounding structures, preventing collisions. There are a variety of different parking stops available, including recycled rubber, concrete, and recycled plastic. Here are five ways to use parking stops in an effective way.

  1. In Front of a Wall in a Concrete Parking Lot

Traditionally, concrete parking stops have been used in parking lots to prevent cars from colliding with walls. Placed at the head of parking spaces, the car cannot hit the wall as it moves into the space. However, concrete stops can potentially damage cars if the car hits them. Their heavy-duty material means they can resist environmental damage over a long period of time. Also, the fact that both the concrete stop and the concrete parking lot are the same color means the stops may need to be painted to prevent blending.

  1. On Smooth Asphalt or Concrete

Smooth asphalt or concrete is a great place to put recycled plastic stops. Their lightweight and the variety of sizes available makes them a good option if the surface they are installed on is smooth. Available in different colors, recycled plastic stops resist chipping and cracking due to environmental damage, and will not break when driven over. They also will not damage a car’s front bumper when hit. The most expensive Parking Stops option, recycled plastic stops are a great option for parking spaces in the right circumstances.

  1. On Uneven Asphalt or Concrete

Another option is recycled rubber stops, which offer a combination of durability and flexibility. The flexibility of recycled rubber stops allows them to be installed on uneven surfaces, including asphalt and concrete. Their durability means they are extremely resistant to fading, chipping, or cracking. If driven over by a vehicle, recycled rubber stops are not as likely to cause damage to the vehicle. Another useful option is the reflective tape on recycled rubber stops, which increases visibility if conditions are dark, snowy, or foggy. As recycled rubber stops can be used on any gravel or paved surface, they offer the most widely applicable Parking Stops option.

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